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From business structure, shareholder agreements and legal compliance to real estate transactions, mergers, acquisitions and representation, having legal counsel and guidance from a Chicago business attorney is imperative in protecting your interests.

Business & Corporate Law

Business Counsel

An established company needs a trusted legal advisor to assist in managing business issues that arise. Developing contracts and negotiating terms, protecting intellectual property and addressing employee issues require legal attention and advice. Outside business legal counsel through our Business Counsel and Advisory Support Program can provide a sound solution without a full-time obligation.

Merger & Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition can provide unparalleled opportunities for both the “buyer” and the “seller”. Whether strengthening a growing enterprise or transitioning an organization so that it can continue to grow, it is important to make smart and informed choices. Structuring the transition, enhancing the value of a company, maintaining key human resources, addressing intellectual property and a host of additional considerations all need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful transaction. An experienced attorney who can provide support in structuring and negotiating the transaction is invaluable in protecting both your interests and your assets.

Our Chicago business attorneys take the time to understand your business and your goals. With 365 Mergers & Acquisition Counselâ„¢, our attorneys apply their extensive knowledge and expertise in representing and protecting your interests and investment.

New Business Start-Up

Whether you are new at starting a business or a serial entrepreneur, launching a business can be challenging. In addition to developing the product or service, it requires planning and executing the proper business documentation and structure and managing ongoing business issues.

Our 365 Business Start-Up Programâ„¢ provides business owners with a professional advisor to navigate the complexities of planning for the future, especially during start up. We can help you get started and we can work with you as you grow.

Contact our Chicago business attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case.

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