Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?
Estate Planning and Today’s Business Owner
The Madonia Process
Fundamentals in Estate Planning
What is an Estate Plan?
Top 5 Reasons for Estate Planning
Spousal Planning
Elder Estate Planning
How Can Changers in the Law Affect my Estate Plan?
Are there Different Types of Trusts?
What is the Difference between a Will and a Trust?
What is an Advanced Directive?

Legal Basics

Employee Handbooks – What to Include
Intellectual Property Protection
Why Does a Startup Business Need a Lawyer?
How do I Prepare when Meeting with an Attorney?
What to Do after Filing Your Taxes
How to Sell Your Company
How to Sell Your Company – Part 2 "The Book"
How to Sell Your Company—Part 3 Expression of Interest
How to Sell Your Company—Part 4 Letter of Intent
How to Sell Your Company—Part 5 Due Diligence
How to Sell Your Company—Part 6 Documenting the Sale
How to Sell Your Company—Part 7 Closing

Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd.

About AJMA
What Makes Us Different
Interview with Tony Madonia
Examples of Client Types
Working with Other Law Firms
Why Does an Organization Need Outside Counsel
The Value of a Tax Attorney

Radio Interview

What is Estate Planning?
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