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At Anthony J Madonia & Associates, Ltd., we ensure that the process of buying or selling real estate proceeds smoothly. We strongly believe that real estate law includes paying careful attention to all the details. This not only allows our clients to realize their vision but also helps them avoid future legal problems. Our focus is on helping clients resolve their real estate matters in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  We can offer assistance with real estate as part of the probate and estate planning process as well.

There are many situations and reasons for which you may need to contact us for legal help other than buying or selling your home. For your ease, we’ve listed some of these reasons here.

Breach of Real Estate Contract

In instances where the other party does not perform their end of the bargain, we can make sure that your rights are protected and that you get any damages that you’re entitled to.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

In case of issues with your landlord or tenants, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the eviction process and best protect your interests.

Zoning Issues

Issues relating to the division of land pieces being used for different kinds of commercial or residential use are called zoning issues. We have helped many clients with zoning changes and variances, to get the greatest use of that parcel.


If anyone improperly intrudes onto your real estate or tries to go beyond their boundaries, you can file an encroachment lawsuit against them to protect your property rights.

Title Disputes

There are often disputes about who has title to a piece of property, or whose lien has the highest priority. We can assist with these matters and be your advocate.

Real Estate Law Services

Our Full Range of Real Estate Legal Services Includes:

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