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Given industry, compliance and business complexities, disputes over contracts, terms and responsibilities can arise at the drop of a hat. It is critical to have a legal team, such as Chicagoland lawyers, who can help. We understand the variety of civil, commercial and business issues and respond with efficient and effective counsel.

From representation for employee matters and contracts to providing counsel on imminent risk, settlements and disputes, we focus on understanding the legal challenges. We work to identify the options and represent the best interests of our clients. By taking a 365 Litigation & Dispute Resolution™ approach, we can focus on what is best for each client.

When Are Lawyers Needed for Dispute Resolution?

Agreements may go awry and a resolution cannot be reached. Individuals and companies must seek legal counsel to weigh options and determine the best course of action. Outside counsel can provide an unbiased review of the situation, feedback and interpretation and options for recourse. Often, the issues become personal and emotional.

Weighing options and determining starting points from which to approach the other party can be huge first steps in a speedy resolution. Options can include:

  • Mediation- A neutral professional is brought in by both parties and their counsel to help find common ground, compromise and agreement.
  • Arbitration-At the request of the parties or a judge, a neutral professional is retained to assess the issue, make a determination and identify a resolution.
  • Litigation-Usually a last resort, a clear impasse can lead to litigation. A trial evaluates the impasse along with the applicable law and will bring closure to a dispute.

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