Create Your Family Vision of Wealth

April 06, 2016

Create Your Family Vision of Wealth and Make it Personal Having a formalized process allows you to reflect on what is most important to you and your family. It also affords the opportunity to break your vision into smaller goals and objectives so they can be prioritized and successfully completed. But how do you marry… Read more »

Why Do People Fail To Do Financial Planning?

April 04, 2016

Don’t Fail to Do Financial Planning When did you last do your financial planning ? The progress at which financial planning in India is growing is nothing to be proud about. It is no doubt slow and the reasons are many and varied. I have tried to jot down some reasons why people avoid financial… Read more »

I Often Hear the Term “Wealth Management” the Same as Financial Planning?

April 01, 2016

Is wealth management the same as financial planning? The term “wealth management” means different things to different advisors. However, in most cases it encompasses a broad approach to assisting individuals and families to accomplish their financial goals. Specific disciplines within the wealth management process may include financial planning, investments, risk management, and estate and legacy… Read more »

What is Financial Planning?

March 30, 2016

What is Financial Planning? Financial planning is probably one of the most future-oriented activities in which you will participate during your lifetime. Because it looks ahead to the unknown, it can also be an intimidating task. It requires you to determine where you want to be financially at different points in time in the years… Read more »

Estate Planning and Financial Planning-What is the Difference?

March 28, 2016

Estate Planning and Financial Planning Learning the Difference So many terms about planning, Let’s look at the difference between estate planning and financial planning. This should help clear up confusion on the subject. When it comes to planning out your finances, people are confused about the difference between an estate attorney vs. financial planner. Oftentimes,… Read more »

What Does Estate Planning Cost?

March 24, 2016

Learn What Estate Planning Costs Estate planning is as an investment in the future of you and your family. It is not a commodity that should be judged by price alone. By way of comparison, your local police department probably doesn’t shop for the cheapest bulletproof vests it can find for its officers. The emphasis… Read more »

Do I Really Have to Disclose Everything I Own to My Attorney and/or Financial Planner?

March 22, 2016

Why Do I Have to Disclose Everything to My Estate Planning Team? In our experience, some clients are reluctant to reveal everything they own to any single advisor. They may have investment assets with more than one investment advisor or insurance policies with more than one insurance professional. However, when preparing for estate planning it… Read more »

How Can I Prepare For Estate Planning?

March 18, 2016

Prepare for Estate Planning 101 There’s more to estate planning than simply writing a will. Accounting for all of your assets and wishes will ensure your plan is executed smoothly after your death. So, how do you prepare for estate planning? What is the process and how do I get started? Thorough planning means accounting… Read more »

Should I Do My Own Estate Planning?

March 16, 2016

DIY or Do My Own Estate Planning-Is it a Good Idea Today there are limitless software programs and books that promote doing your own estate plan. Websites and self-help companies will sell forms claiming to help you create your own estate plan almost for free! Although it may be tempting to do so, you should… Read more »

What Are The Goals Of Estate Planning?

March 14, 2016

How to Define the Goals of Your Estate Planning Estate planning goals will, of course, vary from family to family, and depend on the things you find important. Generally speaking, estate planning is designed to allow you to give what you own to whom you want, when you want, and the way you want. In… Read more »

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