Why You Need a Lawyer If You Have to Go to IRS Tax Court

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Going to IRS Tax Court-You Should Have a Lawyer

Whether you owe money for past taxes or you are having other issues dealing with the IRS, you could have to appear in IRS tax court. This can be an intimidating time because of the number of people in the court and because of the government aspect that is involved. With the help of Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Chicago IL tax attorneys, you will have the support you need to handle various tax issues. As soon as you know that you need to go to court, you should contact the office so that someone can review the evidence against you and the documents that you have maintained. 

Why Do I Need an Attorney for IRS Tax Court?

An attorney can assist with an audit if this is why you are asked to go to court. An audit can occur at any time and for anyone. If you are audited, you will need to provide as many tax documents and personal information as possible to show that the information you have matches the information the IRS has on file. Someone from Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Chicago IL tax attorneys, can look at the documents you have to ensure that you provide everything needed. 

What if I haven’t Filed Taxes in Years?

If you have not filed taxes in recent years, then an attorney can review the income documents that you have to ensure that they are correct so that you can pay the correct tax amount when you go to court. After talking with an attorney, you will usually be exempt from testifying. Even though a CPA could speak in court about your case, your attorney has client privilege and will not be able to make statements made outside of court that are against you. Your attorney can offer advice about when to accept a plea deal and when to make the proper monetary arrangements regarding your taxes so that you don’t spend time in jail or pay significant fines to the IRS.