successful management Real estate brokerage manager shaking hands with clientResidential Real Estate-We All Want Peace of Mind When Buying or Selling a Home

Selling and buying a house is difficult, today’s market makes it even more so. Even a simple sale of a home can require multiple contracts and legal documents in residential real estate law. An experienced real estate lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of buying or selling a property .

At Anthony J Madonia & Associates, Ltd. we provide extensive professional experience (a.k.a. peace of mind) to our clients in all phases of their residential real estate transactions. We believe in accompanying clients through the entire process from the offer and negotiations phase to the closing. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that we pay to each deal.

Throughout your transaction, questions will undoubtedly arise. We are dedicated to addressing all of our clients’ concerns with timely, and substantive answers. We can help with everything from home inspections, financing issues, zoning issues, title, tax issues and anything else.

Typical Residential Real Estate Activity:

  • Seller side transactions
  • Buyer side transactions
  • Financing
  • Coop offering plans
  • Condominium offering plans
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Land surveys, title abstracts and engineer’s reports
  • Real estate broker agreements for condominiums and/or cooperative apartments

Why Utilize a Real Estate Lawyer

Having an attorney who is dedicated to serving your best interests can make all the difference. You can waver between acquiring your dream home and a financial nightmare. You want a seasoned legal professional to ensure that all of your paperwork is accurate. This is so you can avoid delays or disputes down the road.

A lawyer will review all of the legal details of the title of the property. They will ensure there are no hidden problems. This includes reviewing a title commitment and disclosing any liens or judgements on the title. These issues could complicate the transferal of ownership or void the deal entirely.

A real estate lawyer can help you navigate more complex home sales. With their knowledge in state property laws, real estate lawyers can provide sound advice about foreclosure sales, involuntary liens, or ownership disputes.

At the end of the day an Illinois real estate attorney can prepare all your closing documents, ensure the title is clear and ensure that you only pay the closing costs.

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