Anthony J. Madonia Now Licensed to Practice in Arkansas

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Madonia licensed in Arkansas

Big News at AJM&A. If you need a lawyer licensed in Arkansas -Look no further!  Anthony J. Madonia has been admitted to the Bar of Arkansas and is now an Arkansas licensed attorney. In an effort to better serve his clients in Arkansas, Madonia applied for admittance to the Arkansas Bar and was admitted. He is now an Arkansas licensed attorney, and his license status is active. As a firm we are now licensed to practice law in Illinois, Wisconsin and Arkansas.

The biggest benefit of being a multistate lawyer is that you open up a larger client base. For example, for states that lack population density for your niche legal practice area, being able to take cases from the other side of the state line is big. Working as a lawyer in multiple states is fairly common, especially among attorneys who work for large firms, practice in areas near state borders, or specialize in fields that require multi-state expertise.

Becoming a lawyer comes with geographical restrictions. It is much easier to practice law in a single jurisdiction for the entirety of your career, but there are often events in life that require relocating. Since states only offer a bar exam biannually and there may be additional requirements that must be met before being able to work in another state, this can delay the process by a considerable amount of time, which can easily extend from months to years.

Contact us with your legal needs, we are licensed in Arkansas, Illinois and Wisconsin.