Be a Smart Snowbird -Remember to Adjust Your Estate Plan

November 30, 2022

Smart Snowbirds Know the Importance of Estate Planning Many people planning for retirement dream of having the title “Snowbird.” This is the practice of dividing your year between two or more places you love-somewhere warm in the summer and a different one that is warm in the winter. Snowbirds can enjoy gorgeous northern summers while… Read more »

Warning Signs of Upcoming Estate Disputes

November 30, 2022

Identifying Warning Signs for Estate Disputes Estate disputes are becoming increasingly common. These disputes can create new conflicts, inflame old ones, and squander assets that were supposed to make people’s lives better. In 2022, Bloomberg News reported that Americans can expect to inherit $72.6 trillion over the next quarter century—more than twice as much as… Read more »

Building Generational Wealth

November 30, 2022

Create a Legacy with Generational Wealth Building generational wealth is about creating a legacy that serves your family for years to come.  Generational wealth is the accumulation of assets and property that gets passed down from one generation to the next. Data shows that generational wealth is easy to lose, so much so that most… Read more »

Intellectual Property Rights – What You Need To Know as an Illinois New Start-Up

November 18, 2022

The matter of intellectual property for a new start-up is very important, especially if you want to ensure your company’s legacy and longevity. In the first few years of developing a business, it is crucial to establish and secure protection for your intellectual property. Protecting a company’s intellectual property rights may seem complex and overwhelming…. Read more »

Do I Need Trademark Protection for My Business?

November 11, 2022

Trademarks play an important role in the branding of products and services. Not only are trademarks crucial to brand recognition, but filing a trademark is a way to protect the value of your brand. Filing a trademark also provides you with legal protections, such as presumed trademark ownership. At Anthony J. Madonia & Associates Ltd.,… Read more »

Professionals Help Families with Children with Special Needs Plan

October 27, 2022

CPAs and Tax Attorneys Help Families with Children with Special Needs Plan For the Future More than ever, it’s important for CPAs and financial planners to ask their clients about the presence of a child with special needs in the family. This helps clients begin to create a special needs plan for their child’s future…. Read more »

Including Stepchildren in Your Estate Plan

October 06, 2022

Adding Stepchildren to Your Estate Plan Requires Specifics Getting specific is always important in estate planning, but it is especially crucial when it comes to blended families. A stepchild cannot automatically inherit from a stepparent, you must create or update your estate plan as soon as stepchildren enter your life. Neglecting to do so will… Read more »

1099-K New $600 Threshold to Hit Many Unsuspecting Taxpayers

September 29, 2022

IRS Changes 1099-K Threshold – Will Catch Many Taxpayers by Surprise New to the 2022 tax season is a huge change on the 1099-K threshold from $20,000 in transactions from payment cards and third-party networks to $600. If you own an e-commerce business and use apps like Stripe or Paypal, you may receive a notice…. Read more »

Organize Your Estate Planning Legal Documents

September 20, 2022

Estate Planning Legal Documents Need To Be Updated and Organized The death of a loved one is a traumatic time for surviving family members and friends. In a short period, the survivors must organize a funeral, open an estate, and find, inventory, and deal with the bills and assets of the deceased. Too often, these… Read more »

What Are the 3 Types of Business Trademarks?

September 20, 2022

Business Trademarks Explained by Chicago Business Lawyers A strong trademark will help you establish the uniqueness of your brand and separate you from the competition. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these entities. A successful business cannot thrive without one. The lack of a unique trademark can ruin your chances… Read more »

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