Would Coaching Help Me With My Philanthropic Planning?

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Yes. Our observation in working with clients is that many people are reactive in their giving to charities. They respond to solicitations received in the mail, the year-end appeal from charitable organizations to give for tax deductions, and the call from a friend to help with an organization where the friend is on the board. We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference in their community, country, and world. However, few people ponder what’s really important to them and many are embarrassed to admit that they really don’t know what they care about, want to change, or help maintain.

This problem is more profound the more money you have to direct to charities. It is a burden for many of the affluent. However, we have found that this is an area where coaching helps clients connect with their values and the legacies that they want their lives to represent. If you are stuck on how to allocate your charitable funds, you may be able to express your purpose and discover your legacy with the help of the reflective listening and thoughtful guidance of a coach.