Why You Need Representation in Tax Court

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Representation at Tax Court
Why You Need Representation in Tax Court

A Brief Explanation of Why You Should Have Representation in Tax Court

Do you have a dispute with the IRS that’s headed to tax court? Don’t try to take on the IRS on your own. You need to work with tax lawyers in Chicago like Anthony J. Madonia & Associates.

If your tax dispute is headed to tax court, it means you’ve exhausted all other options. As you’ve already experienced, the IRS has multiple layers of formal and informal appeals where you can send in more documents or speak with an IRS representation. Once you get to tax court, there is no second chance. The reason you’re going to tax court is to get a final answer, and the judge’s decision will be binding.

Even if you’ve represented yourself while dealing with the IRS up until this point, it’s important to work with a lawyer when you go to tax court. Tax court is a very formal process where following the legal rules and procedures can be just as important as having the facts on your side. If you make a procedural error, it could cause you to lose a claim that you otherwise may have won.

Another important thing to realize is that the tax court isn’t really about finding out new information. It’s about resolving discrepancies such as different interpretations of tax law. When you’re dealing with the initial IRS letter, you may get a second request to send in more documents if what you originally provided wasn’t enough. In tax court, the judge will just rule against you.

Your attorney’s job is to make sure that you’re fully prepared and have all the documents that you need to make your case. Your attorney will also help you with the nuances of your legal argument against what the IRS is arguing.

To learn more about how tax lawyers in Chicago can help you, contact Anthony J. Madonia & Associates now.