How a Merger and Acquisition Lawyer Can Help Our Business

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hiring a lawyer to help your business

Taking your company through a merger or acquisition process is difficult and demanding. If there is to be a deal that works to your benefit and is in accordance with the law, then you must enlist the help of highly experienced and competent professionals. You must hire a top legal team to help you with your M&A. Such processes are among the many handled by the best business lawyers in Chicago Illinois.

How Can a Merger and Acquisition Lawyer Help

Although a merger or acquisition is strictly speaking a business deal, the complexity of it is such that M&A typically refers to the laws affecting the purchase of a company by another company or the fusion of two companies into a new entity.

In a merger, two companies join to form a new company. This is also called a consolidation, and in most instances neither of the two previous companies continues to exist.

In an acquisition, one company acquires the assets of another. It is a takeover in which the targeted company can be completely absorbed into the acquiring company, be broken up and sold off, or be allowed to operate as a subsidiary. The legal structure of the M&A deal will determine the exact relation of the acquired company to acquiring company.

Any M&A deal must comply with the fair competition and antitrust laws of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also has a role to play in such transactions. They ensure that all purchases are legal, and that there has been no insider trading, devaluation of stock, or any other misconduct.

To be in complete compliance with these federal agencies and to get a deal that redounds to your benefit, you need the advice and representation of an experienced legal team. Anthony J. Madonia & Associates are business lawyers in Chicago Illinois. If you are contemplating a takeover or a merger, you should contact Anthony J. Madonia & Associates.