Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning

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Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning

When your time comes, an organized estate and wealth preservation plan pair well with trusts and a will to protect your family financially. Estate preservation planning saves beneficiaries from excessive inheritance taxes, additional attorney fees, and the efficient transfer of assets.

An estate encompasses all of the material possessions that belong to you — your personal finances, properties, and assets with proof of ownership by you. Accompanied by a comprehensive last will and testament, an estate plan is a written record to protect, conserve and manage your wealth according to your wishes.

The older you get, the more assets you acquire naturally. As they say…with great wealth comes great responsibility. Let us help protect your family’s financial legacy after you are gone.

Estate Preservation Planning

Estate preservation planning is a process to protect personal finances, organize philanthropic endeavors and manage financial goals during life. After death, our trustworthy and reliable reputation for the conservation and distribution of assets is unrivaled. It is important to have postmortem plans in place to provide financial support for your family. Be sure to save your beneficiaries from monetary burdens and avoid unnecessary stress over assets among family members.

Wealth Preservation Planning

Strategic wealth preservation organizes and optimizes all aspects of your wealth — asset accumulation, risk assessment, risk management, tips for tax savings, retirement, and estate preservation planning. Successful wealth preservation strategies establish emergency funds, diversification of investments, and quality life insurance, and build a solid foundation for the future of your family’s financial plan.

Benefits of Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning

Through a lifetime of hard work, you earned your wealth. Accordingly, be sure your last will and testament are implemented the way you wish. An estate preservation and wealth preservation plan gives families a sense of security in an unpredictable economy. Additionally, beyond the obvious, an array of benefits is associated with estate preservation and wealth preservation planning.

  1. Cost-effective transference of assets inherited by the beneficiaries. A lack of an estate plan can be costly and counterproductive financially.
  2. Protect yourself from a volatile market — interest rates are on the rise, and inflation is exceeding expectations.
  3. Provide additional financial security in an unstable financial environment.

As a result of our economy’s instability, estate preservation, and wealth preservation strategists suggest a variety of options for your financial plans. It is never too early to protect your family’s future financial security from the inevitable and often unpredictable event of death.

Get the Help You Need for Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning

It is never too early to protect your family’s future financial security from the inevitable and often unpredictable event of death. Chicago estate planning attorneys at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates Ltd. collaborate with clients to create the best wealth preservation plan for you. We protect your interests, manage your estate preservation and maximize your assets.

Our firm takes pride in providing expert assistance for your estate and wealth preservation needs. We understand the significance of strategic wealth preservation and the advantages of efficient estate planning. Whether you are looking to safeguard your assets, minimize taxes, or ensure your loved ones are taken care of after your passing, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

If you have estate preservation questions, we have the answers. Call us now for a consultation.