Corporate Counsel: What It Is and How an Attorney Can Help

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Corporate Counsel and Chicago Business Attorneys-Important People to Know

Whether a company is big or small, having reliable legal representation is crucial. It can be critical to solving problems before they evolve into something far more complicated. As a result, many companies retain corporate counsel in an effort to have legal advice at their disposal. If your company is considering retaining corporate counsel but need to know more about its benefits, read on. Here is how Chicago business attorneys at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates can help.

Minimize Risk with Corporate Counsel

In many situations, corporate counsel can help a company minimize risk. For example, what if you create and implement a new policy only to discover it violates the rights of employees. Your business attorneys can not only assist in creating new policies, but also review them prior to implementation. As a result, costly and embarrassing lawsuits can be avoided.

Business Attorneys Can Be a Bridge Between the Company and Employees

How to handle when employees have disputes with their company? Corporate counsel can act as a buffer between the company and the employee. This is critical in the event an employee files a lawsuit. Since they will have attorneys on their side your company needs them as well. By retaining legal counsel, the company’s attorneys can do the negotiating while the process plays out. This is avoids putting the burden on human resources personnel who are not trained to handle complex legal matters.

Interpreting Laws and Regulations

With more and more laws and regulations now on the books, companies often struggle to understand which ones apply to them and how various rules should be interpreted. Rather than take a chance on misunderstanding regulations and facing stiff fines and penalties, it is best to work with experienced and knowledgeable corporate counsel who can provide guidance on how to proceed.

If your company is in need of expert corporate counsel, contact Chicago business attorneys at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates for a consultation.