It is August and summer is winding down. Vacation time is almost over. Kids are back to school. Clients are kicking back into high gear and our calendars are filling with meetings, events and conferences.

Now may be a good time to revisit any changes recently made or planned for your firm and for you personally, so that you can take advantage of tax benefits and credits. It’s far better to plan ahead than to be scrambling to fix something after the fact.

We have several speaking engagements, colleague get-togethers, a client event and sponsorship of a hockey game planned for this Fall. We look forward to catching up with you. In the meantime, if we can provide support and assistance to your, your firm or your family, the team at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. is available to assist in Providing The Right Direction™.


Chicago-based food broker, Scooter Bay Sales, represents over 35 vendors providing perishable meat, deli, seafood and bakery products to 300+ food retailers throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Coordinating products, orders, client meetings, new product introductions, store visits and data analysis to ensure solid client and vendor relationships keeps the 20 year old firm busy.
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If there is anything that I have learned over the last few decades, it’s that I can’t seem to stretch time. There are only 24 hours in every day and no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to make more. So, I have given up trying to stretch the time and have tried to work smarter and more efficiently. Sometimes I am successful. Other times, I am a work in progress.
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As noted in our article on Credit Card Fraud, the majority of non-cash payments are made by a combination of credit cards and debit cards. Debit cards are by far the dominant form of card-present transactions when compared with credit cards. The most recent Federal Reserve statistical data reveals that general-purpose debit cards were used in 23 billion more card-present (when the card is physically produced at the point of sale) transactions than general-purpose credit cards. They were used slightly less than credit cards in card-not present (over the telephone or Internet) transactions.
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