Would Coaching Help the Estate Planning Process?

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Process Has Coaching?

Absolutely! Many people procrastinate in going to their estate planner. Many who start the estate planning process never complete it. Many who complete the process do not keep it current by revisiting it periodically, leaving wishes and people in their documents that are no longer relevant in their lives. Why? One reason may be because “doing your estate planning” is treated as a necessary legal step that a responsible person should complete. It is treated as an obligation.

However, what it really should be is a deep purposeful conversation, or maybe several conversations. Conversations about how you want to be remembered when you are gone. Who should get what, when and why? How much should you give to charities, which ones and why? An estate plan allows you to legally specify your wishes and how you want them carried out. A well-crafted plan can help avoid disputes that may arise and can keep details about your family’s financial affairs private.

A coach can help you move the estate planning process from an obligation to an opportunity. An opportunity to discover the legacy that is buried within the way you have lived your life and the values you hold important. A coach can help you tell your story and discover who you have been throughout your life.