Will Drafting Requirements in the State of Illinois

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Is a Will or a Trust Enough?
Will Drafting Requirements

What Are the Will Drafting Requirements in Illinois?

When preparing a will, it is important that it complies with all of the legal requirements. Failure to comply with the legal requirements could nullify the will in part or eve its entirety. To ensure that your will is valid and addresses all of the issues that could arise, you should contact the Chicago estate planning attorneys from Anthony J. Madonia & Associates.

What is required for a will to be valid?
In order for a will to be considered as valid, it must meet certain drafting requirements. This includes the following:

  • It must be made in contemplation of death
  • The will must be signed
  • The signing must take place in the presence of witnesses
  • The will must have been made voluntarily
  • The maker of the will must have been competent

An attorney can help prepare a will that meets all of the legal requirements.

How can an attorney help with a will?
In addition to ensuring that a will is legal and meets all legal requirements, an attorney can help ensure that it is comprehensive and clear. Ambiguity in a will can cause conflict and issues in the future, so it is important that there is no confusion about how property is to be divided and the estate administered.

estate planning attorneys in Chicago can help prepare a will that addresses all issues related to your estate. An attorney can provide advice about ways to maximize the value of your estate and prevent conflict from arising.

At Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, our Chicago estate planning attorneys strive to help our clients develop personalized and comprehensive wills. Contact us to speak with our estate planning attorneys in Chicago about your options. We look forward to working with you to develop an estate plan.