Why You Should Encrypt Your Emails

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Learn Why You Should Encrypt your Emails.

The quick answer is to maintain your data’s confidentiality. When you encrypt your emails, you conceal email contents by transforming them into code. This results in protecting your sensitive information. At Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, we have started encrypting emails involving sensitive data. You may receive emails from us that involve directions on how to retrieve an encrypted email. We are doing this to protect you and your personal information.

The fact of the matter is that emails, both sent and received, are vulnerable to hacking, bad actors, phishing attacks, and more risks. Securing emails with encryption adds a vital layer of security protection. It also ensures that only the intended/authorized individuals will read the email.

We wanted to share some of the issues facing internet security these days. Phishing is a key cyber threat today. Emails, being sent online, form the key target for increasing phishing attacks. This makes email communications now more riddled with cybercrime than ever. And makes the effort to encrypt your emails even more important.

Phishing attacks target key industries such as retail, Manufacturing, Tech, research and development, food and beverages, medical institutions, and education. Their goal is to mine customer data and use it for other financial fraud. According to IMB, over 80% of reported cybersecurity incidents are phishing attacks. CISCO reports that 90% of data breaches occur due to phishing

In 2021, employees received an average of 14 malicious emails a year, according to Tessian research.

Phishing attacks peak during holidays and soar by 52% in December, typically around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year. Over 96% of recorded cyber-attacks infiltrate through phishing emails.

Importance of Email Encryption

There are many reasons to encrypt your email, here are 3 key ones:

  • Prevent security breaches and accompanying data theft. Having email encryption provides an added security layer for cyber defense. The emails stay protected against potentially malicious links that can expose the data to breaches, phishing, etc.
  • Protect confidential information and privacy. Encryption hides the identity of the email senders or recipients, preventing sensitive information and data from reaching an unintentional audience.
  • It will save money. You won’t need to set up a dedicated encryption server. Data breaches and ransomware demands also don’t come cheap, but email encryption prevents both.

You must always protect your email messages, keep their privacy, and protect your business from phishing and cyber-related risks.

We now use encrypted emails. We hope you know it isn’t designed to make you jump through hurdles or take additional unnecessary steps. Our goal is to protect the information you trust us with. If you have concerns or issues opening one of our encrypted emails, please contact us at (312) 578-9300. We will walk you through the process.