Understanding Elder Law

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What Is a Lifetime Trust?
understanding elder law

As thousands of baby boomers become senior citizens on a daily basis, the concepts of skilled nursing, assisted living, DNR, living will, healthcare proxy are not just ideas, but a reality many will face. Thousands will need help with some degree of care. How the future pans out depend upon one’s preparation in the present.

Advanced preparation is the map that steers the family in the right direction. While these discussions are motivated by love, they are head decisions. What is best for mom and dad should they no longer be able to care for themselves? It is a necessary and practical discussion rooted in fact.

On the other hand, when calamity catches families off guard, decisions have to be made quickly, oftentimes without the necessary facts to make an informed decision. This is the point at which families can become divided over matters that could have been resolved with advanced planning. Cohesive family units can become unglued and torn apart when tough decisions have to be made without having the benefit of their parents’ input.

So, while things are going well and all of are a sound mind, it is the perfect time to plan. Understandably, these discussions are not something people look forward to: we don’t want to lose family or realize that they need more help than family can give. However, going through the scenarios takes the guesswork out of the process.

The Law Office of Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Chicago IL elder law attorneys, are experienced in helping families make the right choices for their unique circumstances. They can help you sort out the issues that need to be addressed and show you what options you have. They can draft wills and prepare other legal paperwork concerning the specific needs of your loved ones.

The elder care lawyers at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates are there for you so you don’t have to figure out the complex details by yourself. Allow these experienced Chicago IL elder law attorneys to help you prepare for your loved one’s future in advance of the need.