Financial Literacy Tips from Estate Planning Attorney

May 12, 2022

Financial Literacy refers to having a thorough understanding about personal finances. Budgeting, saving, and planning for the future are an essential part of wealth planning  You need financial literacy to effectively manage your money and strategically plan your financial future. You want to be prepared to make the best decisions possible about everything related to… Read more »

Billionaire Minimum Income Tax’s Impacts Wealth Management

May 11, 2022

Billionaire Minimum Income Tax proposed in President Biden’s 2023 Budget Plan At the end of March 2022, President Biden proposed the Billionaire Minimum Income Tax (BMIT) requiring the wealthiest Americans to pay tax of at least 20% on all income. The White House states that currently “billionaires” pay an average of only 8.2% of their… Read more »

Will the Debt Ceiling Crisis Impact Your Finances?

October 03, 2021

Will the Debt Ceiling Crisis Impact Your Finances? Lawmakers have less than three weeks to raise the debt limit or risk a first-ever default, which would trigger a broad market sell-off and put a stranglehold on everything from government payments to the ability to borrow. If lawmakers in Washington are unable to resolve the debt… Read more »

How Do I Plan for My Adult Children?

April 27, 2017

Important Parts of Estate Planning What Things Should I Consider as I Plan for My Adult Children? Like every other part of your plan, you should start by determining your children’s needs and your specific goals for their future.” Fair is not always equal and equal is not always fair,” is a common estate planning… Read more »

Financial life Planning…How Do You Integrate Life Planning and Financial Planning?

November 22, 2016

Do you know about financial life planning? Integrating a life coach into a comprehensive financial plan can transform your retirement planning experience. Once you are financially and emotionally prepared, making the decision to retire is empowering. The end result is something we all aspire to…a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. Financial life planning is a… Read more »

How Can I Find A Qualified Financial Planner?

April 20, 2016

Finding a Financial Planner Qualified to Handle Your Estate The birth of the financial planning industry started with salesmen of financial products including specific investments, life insurance, and annuities. Sales professionals performed some planning on behalf of their customers in order to determine their needs and select suitable products. This planning was usually performed at… Read more »

I Often Hear the Term “Wealth Management” the Same as Financial Planning?

April 01, 2016

Is wealth management the same as financial planning? The term “wealth management” means different things to different advisors. However, in most cases it encompasses a broad approach to assisting individuals and families to accomplish their financial goals. Specific disciplines within the wealth management process may include financial planning, investments, risk management, and estate and legacy… Read more »

Estate Planning and Financial Planning-What is the Difference?

March 28, 2016

Estate Planning and Financial Planning Learning the Difference So many terms about planning, Let’s look at the difference between estate planning and financial planning. This should help clear up confusion on the subject. When it comes to planning out your finances, people are confused about the difference between an estate attorney vs. financial planner. Oftentimes,… Read more »

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