Our Strategic Technology Partner is Version2

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Do You Have Technology Success Partner?

Our Strategic Technology Partner is Version2

In this world of new and evolving cyber security threats, AJM&A is proud to use the full suite of managed IT services and security solutions of Version2. Our goal in sharing their story is to help improve your IT security and technology experience in your business. We use their Technology Success Program, which is a managed IT service offering that gives us access to technical support. This is a complete spectrum of security tools to protect our client’s valuable information and a wealth of knowledge to align our technology with our business goals to help propel AJM&A forward as a business in this rapidly changing cloud connected world.

According to Jeff Johansen, founder and Managing Partner at Version2, they are bringing IT out of the basement. After 16 years in the business, Version2 offers more than high level IT security, end user support and monitoring for issues. They want to be given a seat at the table. Version2 positions itself as a strategic member of our business. Like a financial or legal advisor, these IT specialists make technology work for you.

Version2 offers a “tailored to your business” technology model. In their role as Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), they learn your business and work with you to leverage technology to your advantage helping to improve the workflow and security within your business. They can spot issues and be proactive in addressing them.

AJM&A has made a seat for them at our table and are now confident in our information technology security. Let Version2 meet your business and make recommendations that will increase your business’s security and technology savvy.