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Whoever said summer was a slow season for business? While individuals and their families may step back and take some time off to relax, business and politics, both national and local, continue to pick up steam.

Our firm has had a very busy summer. We have expanded our services through three new affiliates. I accompanied one of our clients to China. And, we have expanded our Legal Basics video series to help businesses better understand the basics around Estate Planning, Employment Handbooks and Intellectual Property. More detail follows about our affiliates and my travels to China.

Fall is in the air. Workshops, seminars and business briefings are starting up, again. We look forward to seeing you “around town”. In the meantime, our clients and colleagues are our priority. At Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. we are here to support and collaborate to protect your interests. If we can be of any help for legal or tax needs, please feel free to contact us.


We are pleased to announce the formation of Downtown Business Advisors, LLC and Downtown Family Office Services, LLC. Our clients have come to rely on Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. for more than their legal needs.  Our experience with tax, mergers, acquisitions and estate planning has led to requests for support in planning for transition and exit, as well as support in managing the complexities of privately-held businesses.  So that we can expand our services, we have formed these two affiliate firms to address the needs and requests of our clients.

downtown business advisors  Downtown Business Advisors, LLC offers strategic planning, advisory and implementation services. Through our planning and advisory services, we help privately-held business owners unlock wealth and convert the value of the company into cash. We help build the road map, develop a realistic time table and transition forward.

DownTown Family Office Services Downtown Family Office Services, LLC offers strategic planning, advisory and administration services to family enterprises. We understand the complexity and dynamics of managing daily and planning for the future. With over 20 years of experience supporting businesses and the families they support, Downtown Family Office Services provides valuable family advisory services for today and tomorrow.

MY TRIP TO CHINA: Doing Business and Takeaways

In July of this year, I was fortunate to accompany a client and friend to China, where he has business interests that he is looking to expand. I had never been to China and only knew what our foreign exchange student of two years had told me.

airplane on map of china The Trip Over
My flight from O’Hare was nonstop to Shanghai. Other than a long 14½ hours, the flight was uneventful. International flights are very different – there is a refreshment center in the middle of the plane where passengers can help themselves to drinks or snacks throughout most of the flight and there were two meals served during the trip. In this age of travel, it is unusual to get a meal, let alone two!

buildings in chinaCustoms on the Other Side and Surveillance 
Once I landed in Shanghai…[READ MORE]


CROWDFUNDING: IRS Insight on Taxation

crowd fundingOur article on Crowdfunding received a lot of comments. This piece on IRS insights into taxation of Crowdfunding is interesting.


What is Intellectual Property and Why Care?

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