Don’t Let Legal Terms Scare You!

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Don't let legal terms scare you

Boo Legal Terms – Legalese Can Be Scary!

Here are 10 key terms that can help de-mystify legal forms and issues. Let our friendly skeletons teach you legal terms you should know from business lawyers in Chicagoland area. We don’t want anyone scared to get legal help or turn ghost-ly pale with anxiety. Review these key legal terms explained with skeletal visuals.


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Legalese. Sometimes it seems as though we can’t escape it—even though we try. When we add new software or services, we’re deluged with dozens of pages of end-user agreements, which we have become inured to shrugging, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking “Agree,” trusting that the consumer protection laws that have sprung up over the years will protect us from anything too terrible.

The problem is that these agreements aren’t written in language we consumers are trained to understand. They’re written in scary legalese, which you generally need a law degree to interpret fully. And it doesn’t help that our sole interaction with it is usually to avoid exposure to it. That means that when you do get exposed to it, it can come as a shock—and be very easily misinterpreted.

There’s one clause in particular that nearly every online service has, that is so scary it invariably prompts shrieks of panic from anyone who runs across it—especially if the person who runs across it is someone who makes their money from their creativity. And that’s the Content Clause. Not the grammatical content clause, which is the subordinate clause that provides content implied or commented upon by its main clause, but the legalese one.