The Time to Update Your Will is Now

June 22, 2022

Can’t remember the last time you reviewed yours-time to update your will! Do you even have a will prepared? Changes in tax law and in your personal life mean that most likely you need to update your will. Use this quick checklist to see if you need to update your will: • You drew it… Read more »

What Are the Steps to Contesting a Will?

August 21, 2020

Contesting a Will-the “How To”  A will is a reflection of the intentions of a testator. However, where someone has reasons to believe that the contents of the will don’t reflect the decedent’s true intentions, then such a person can raise a contention. Contesting a will is an option. Suppose you have plans of contesting… Read more »

Differences Between Wills, Trusts & Dying Intestate

January 04, 2020

Differences Between Wills, Trusts and Dying Intestate Must Be Learned for the Best Estate Plan Learn the differences between wills, trusts and dying intestate. You have an idea of how you want your estate to be divided when you pass away. Creating a will is the only way to develop and put the force of… Read more »

I Have a Will or a Trust. Isn’t That Enough?

May 23, 2019

First of all, consider that a will takes effect only upon your death.. It has no bearing on how you and your business are cared for during your life when you can’t take care of yourself. So do you need a will or a trust or both? Concerns that factors into the Will or aTrust… Read more »

I’ve Created and Funded My Living Trust – What do I Need to do to Maintain It?

February 28, 2019

How to Maintain My Living Trust It is simply not enough to create a living trust, no matter how well designed and drafted. You need to maintain the living trust as well. Changes in your personal and financial circumstances, changes in the law, and changes in your attorney’s knowledge and experience, affect the long-term viability… Read more »

My Husband Did Not Have a Revocable Living Trust.

June 14, 2017

A Scenario about Revocable Living Trusts My Husband Did Not Have a Revocable Living Trust. Why do I need revocable living trusts? If my husband only had a will and there were no big problems when he passed away isn’t that enough? This specific situation would need to be reviewed by your professional advisors-they might… Read more »

Are My Assets Are At Risk if My Beneficiaries Die?

June 12, 2017

What Happens to My Assets if None of the Beneficiaries Named in My Living Trust Survive Me? Your living trust should include an “ultimate distribution” provision that addresses the unlikely scenario that all of your beneficiaries—typically your spouse, children or grandchildren—do not survive you. What is sometimes referred to as a the “family disaster” provision… Read more »

Can My Child Serve as Trustee of Their Trust Share and Still Have Protections?

May 05, 2017

Reviewing my Trust Documents and Wondering if My Child Can Serve as  Trustee of their Trust Share? Yes. Your child can serve as trustee of their own trust share. Our estate planning attorneys highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the details involved though. Clients often include one or more trusts in their estate plans to insure… Read more »

When Does the Common Trust End and What Happens Then?

April 25, 2017

Most common trusts are designed to terminate when the youngest child reaches a certain age or completes college. At that time, the funds that are left in the trust are divided among all the children, equally or unequally, according to the trust instructions. Instead of outright distributions at that time, you may specify that the… Read more »

I’ve Been Told That Even if I Plan with a Revocable Living Trust, I’ll Still Need Something Called a Pour-Over Will. What is That?

February 28, 2017

Questions about Revocable Living Trust I’ve Been Told That Even if I Plan with a Revocable Living Trust, I’ll Still Need a Pour-Over Will. The Pour-Over Will serves as a safeguard in case an asset gets left outside of your trust. It’s not uncommon to find that in the process of funding a trust (changing… Read more »

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