Getting Ready for College with the Right Legal Documents

June 24, 2022

Legal Documents – Are you Ready to Send Your Child to College? If you have a student going off to college for the first time or already living away at school, be sure you have certain important documents in place. Specifically, a medical power of attorney and a HIPAA release for college students. These key… Read more »

The Time to Update Your Will is Now

June 22, 2022

Can’t remember the last time you reviewed yours-time to update your will! Do you even have a will prepared? Changes in tax law and in your personal life mean that most likely you need to update your will. Use this quick checklist to see if you need to update your will: • You drew it… Read more »

Billionaire Tax Impact on Wealth Management

May 11, 2022

Billionaire Tax proposed in President Biden’s 2023 Budget Plan At the end of March 2022, President Biden proposed the “Billionaire Tax” a.k.a the Billionaire Minimum Income Tax (BMIT). This tax requires the wealthiest Americans to pay tax of at least 20% on all income. The White House states that currently “billionaires” pay an average of… Read more »

Time to Spring Clean Your Finances Says Chicagoland Law Firm

May 06, 2022

Suggested Spring Cleaning from Chicagoland Law Firm We wait for spring to deep clean our homes, maybe the same goes for your finances. Can you remember the last time you scrubbed through your finances? If not, then it is time get them in order. Don’t be worried about where to begin when organizing your financial… Read more »

Irrevocable Living Trust-What is it?

April 29, 2022

When it comes to estate planning in Chicago IL, as with other cities and states, there are tons of complex laws, paperwork, and other regulations to follow. This sentiment is true when it comes to creating irrevocable living trusts. Working with a reputable Chicago estate planning lawyer is the key to handling all paperwork and legalities… Read more »

A Recap of the Top Tax Developments of 2021

December 16, 2021

The year 2021 has been a tumultuous one for tax professionals, with continuing pandemic-related developments as well as new legislation, regulations, court decisions and IRS pronouncements. While the major developments are familiar to most, there are some that might have been missed due to the busy nature of the profession during the past year. The… Read more »

ILIT Useful for Anything Else Besides Keeping Insurance Proceeds Out of the Estate?

July 31, 2017

ILIT Useful in Many Ways An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust or ILIT is created to own and control a term or permanent life insurance policy or policies while the insured is alive. ILIT is useful to manage and distribute the proceeds that are paid out upon the insured’s death. The parties in an ILIT are… Read more »

What is the Difference Between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker?

December 22, 2016

Insurance Agent vs. Broker: What’s the Difference? Insurance agents and brokers are professionals who sell insurance. They may choose to specialize in a certain area, such as property and casualty insurance (P&C), which protects businesses against lawsuits and property losses. Both agents and brokers are licensed in the state where they operate and must comply… Read more »

Would Coaching Help Me With My Philanthropic Planning?

December 06, 2016

Yes. Coaching can help with philanthropic planning. Our observation in working with clients is that many people are reactive in their giving to charities not . They respond to solicitations received in the mail, the year-end appeal from charitable organizations to give for tax deductions, and the call from a friend to help with an… Read more »

Why Integrate Life Coaching and Financial Planning?

November 16, 2016

Integrate Life Coaching Into Retirement Planning While financial planning and life coaching have traditionally been independent of each other, integrating the two can be extremely beneficial. It is time to integrate life coaching into your financial planning. By working through your plan more comprehensively, you will feel more comfortable and confident in making the transition…. Read more »

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