Being Prepared for a Pandemic: Why You Need to Have Your Will Ready

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estate planning includes gifts for grandchildren

Take the Steps to Being Prepared with Your Will and Beyond

The pandemic has shown to millions of people how fragile that daily life can be. People no longer take their health and safety for granted. They also realize now that they need to lay safeguards to protect their families. One of the best ways to protect your family is by being prepared! You need to make up a will that can be executed if you pass away during a pandemic. You can start by hiring one of the estate planning attorneys in Chicago at Anthony J. Madonia & Associates today.

Be Sure to Disperse Your Life Insurance

Your will can be vital in determining how and to whom your life insurance will be dispersed. Without a will in place, the law says that your insurance will go to your legally recognized next of kin. However, you may want others in your family to receive funds from the policy too.

Your lawyer can stipulate in your will whom will receive funds from your insurance and how much that each of your beneficiaries receive. The will avoids having the court having to make this decision for you.

Being Prepared-Stipulating Your Final Wishes

You also realize that the pandemic can take your life at a moment’s notice. You do not want to die without your final wishes in place. Your lawyer can ensure that any funeral plans that you want carried out will be stipulated in your will. You can name the funeral home that you want to handle your services. You can also indicate where you would like to be buried, whom you would to speak at your funeral and even what kind of flowers that you want to have at your services.

These reasons are some for hiring a lawyer before the next pandemic strikes. You need to have your will ready to go and in place in the event of your untimely death. Contact Anthony J. Madonia & Associates to find estate planning attorneys in Chicago today.